Interpol building a Metaverse to learn how to become a cop in a virtual world.

Interpol recently revealed that it is creating a new Metaverse to learn about being a cop in the virtual world, and it’s the first to be designed for law enforcement around the world. In this move, police will be able to interact between offices through avatars. You can even take an intense training course in forensic investigation and other police competencies.

“Metaverse has the potential to transform every aspect of our daily lives with significant implications for law enforcement,” said Madan Oberoi, Interpol Executive Director of Technology and Innovation.

Interpol also said that As the number of Metaverse users increases, the number of possible crimes increases. whether crimes against children Identity theft, money laundering, financial fraud, spoofing, ransomware, phishing, sexual harassment and more.

Interpol is currently connected to police in over 195 countries and wants to recruit real Metaverse experts to ensure a safe new world.

“If we want to understand Metavrse, we have to experience it.”

Transnational crime and criminal networks are developing at an unprecedented pace. Law enforcement is often left to “chase” with tools, processes, and procedures that may be outdated or ineffective. This is another part of the Euronews dictation report. Additionally, online child sexual abuse is one of the top issues to be aware of as the Metaverse becomes more popular.

Metaverse is predicted to be the next generation of the internet, but laws and regulations are unclear. It’s like a video game where you can do anything. Some people have been harassed through capture or tricked into sending some clips. And there is also porn like 18+ pubs which is not suitable for youngsters. A lot of things in the law still need to be addressed to become the next generation of the Internet.

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