According to a new survey, 81% of sports fans would pay to watch sports on the Metaverse.

A new survey from marketing agency Momentum Worldwide finds that 81% of sports fans pay to watch sports on Metaverse, and 85% of fans will pay for exclusive branded experiences. about athletes and artists in the virtual worldใ

Based on 4,500 consumers from 12 countries, Fortnite and Roblox are the most popular games. Sports with major brands such as the NFL, Wimbeldon tennis and Nike have also launched into the world of Roblox and digital goods are now available.

It also found that 52% of sports fans are familiar with VR, 39% are familiar with AR, 38% are familiar with the open-world environment, 28% are familiar with blockchain. This information helps athletes and their favorite artists to develop marketing strategies.

“While non-sports fans tend to buy Metaverse like Avatar skins, sports fans tend to purchase items like real estate and art – demonstrating the belief that Metaverse is not just a game, it is a new way of living,” Momentum Worldwide said.

Meta, a social media company formerly known as Facebook, has already launched VR content with the NBA, and more sports collectibles are in the blockchain world. Prepare to enter this virtual world. In the future, we may see more adjustments to meet consumer expectations.

Image Credit: Wimbledon Tennis

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