Instagram users can post NFTs from digital wallets

Yesterday, Meta updated its blog about enabling NFTs functionality. Approximately 2.9 billion users in over 100 countries can now share NFTs, the supported blockchains are Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow, or block chains. The chain that has the most NFTs in the world. We are starting to allow people to post NFTs they own on both […]

Asia is where most people search for NFT

Since the beginning of this year, searches for non-fungible tokens have dropped sharply around the world (NFTs). Between January 23 and January 29, the measure was at its highest, at 100. Between August 7 and August 13, it dropped by 85 percent, to 15. Based on a review of Google Trends data by Bankless Times, […]

Urgent!! Minecraft officially announces NFT ban

Recently, we’ve received some feedback from members of the community asking for clarification and transparency regarding Mojang Studios and Minecraft’s position on NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and blockchain. While we are in the process of updating our Minecraft Usage Guidelines to offer more precise guidance on new technologies, we wanted to take the opportunity to share […]