What is Virtual office?

After the world has faced the epidemic of COVID-19 for more than 4 years, Work From Home has gradually become the New Normal or a new normal that many people are familiar with. Until many organizations began to change their management style by reducing the number of days in the office. Or change to work from home or work from Anywhere permanently because in addition to employees can better manage their time at work and rest until able to do effective work The company can also reduce costs in terms of water, electricity, parking fees, as well as the rent of the premises as well.

What does virtual office mean?

Virtual office can be translated literally as a virtual office or a virtual office. that was born to support working in a remote work (Remote work), which makes work, meetings and company registration can be smooth in all dimensions The company does not need to have an office building where employees can travel to work on their own.

Animalverse office
Animalverse office

Type of virtual office

Virtual office building services

Virtual office building services, simply referred to as “registered address lending services” for companies that do not have their own office buildings. but want to register a company, register for value added tax (VAT), use it as an address in various official documents Including use as an address for receiving and sending relevant documents.

In addition, many virtual office service providers also provide office phone numbers with virtual assistants that are ready to help answer calls, provide basic information, help transfer calls to other numbers in the organization, as well as Help to receive parcels or letters sent to the virtual address and forward them to the organization.

Online communication tools

Virtual office in this format is probably the format that everyone is most familiar with. Because it is a tool, website, or application in facilitating communication, forwarding work, including meetings within the organization. can occur systematically and smoothly With functions designed to meet the needs of remote work as much as possible, such as the ability to organize rooms and discussion topics, can keep large files for a long time, can make video calls and chat. within a single application, etc.

Examples of virtual offices in this format are Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Virtual office

The final version of Virtual Office is similar to online communication tools but is further enhanced by “Create a real office space in a virtual world” and an example of this type of virtual office would be none other than Gather or a platform provider to create a cute 8-bit virtual office world at open to companies Including employees in the organization can come to create both common areas, meeting rooms, as well as design and decorate personal desks. To create a workspace in a virtual world that is suitable for each organization’s work style by itself.

Advantages of a virtual office

  1. Reduce the cost of renting an office, water, electricity, parking and maintenance costs.
  2. Employees can manage their work time by themselves.
  3. Companies without office buildings can legally use their address to register their company.
  4. Companies that do not have the cost of leasing an office can rent in a central location such as Sukhumvit or Thonglor. to increase the credibility of the organization
  5. Flexible Not bound by long-term leases This allows the company to modify plans at any time.

Disadvantages of virtual offices

  1. Reduce one-on-one work (face-to-face) between people in the organization
  2. Using automated systems such as checklists, documents, can be prone to errors.
  3. Executives may lose power to manage regulations.
  4. When there is a change in work practices, employees may not accept.

Who is a virtual office suitable for?

  1. Startups that are just starting their businesses and do not have the capital to rent an office.
  2. Large companies that want to reduce costs and expenses
  3. Companies that are relocating their offices
  4. Online businesses that require communication between different departments within the organization.
  5. Large companies or international companies that want to open new branches or offices in foreign countries and upcountry

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