Web3 community

As the world has undergone major changes, people are looking for more independence, and the block chain has taken its place, and it seems to serve the needs of today’s era, whether it’s financial freedom. or accuracy in expressing ownership of the data and freedom to talk without borders without Collecting personal information like social media web2 nowadays.

Why web3 community.

It’s a new generation of conversational platforms. that may better meet the needs of the new generation both giving freedom to talk Without any algorithms intervening to collect life data.
They can also clearly show their identity in the block chain world. Our goal is to be Fully decentralized community.


Mechanism of web3

About dapps and smart contracts deployed in dapp, the person behind your crypto wallet, and the Web3 developer API.
It can also add additional features according to the needs of users more precisely. and better prepare people on Web3. The technology that drives Web3 is blockchain.
If miners do not have consensus on the validity of the transaction. will not be added to the chain So it doesn’t exist.

The importance of community in Web3 can be measured by the popularity of decentralized independent organizations (DAOs), which are expected to revolutionize the global structure of financial and cooperative organizations.

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