Polygon Studios Metaverse Lead said JPEGs Are Not the Future of Web3 and NFT

Polygon’s Head of Metaverse Sees JPEG Images Not the Future of Web3 and NFT.

Of course, when talking about NFT, everyone must be thinking about art. Or a collection of famous avatar pictures for sure, because these works are quite high in value and are discussed in the media. many times.

But when technologies related to Web3, such as both NFT and Metaverse, are constantly being developed. So it’s interesting to think that Is issuing tokens as JPEG images still the most prominent use case for NFTs?

Brian Trunzo, head of metaverse at Polygon Studios, believes that in the future people will begin to understand more about Web3 and there will be even more new use cases for NFT.

Trunzo explains, “In the common sense It is often heard from the media that NFTs are JPEG images that can be right-clicked and saved, and that they are an investmentable asset class. To be honest, that’s not the definition in my mind, nor is it the future of Web3 and NFT.”

NFT is a technology that can be used to show ownership. It can be applied to anything: art, games, collectibles, prizes, title deeds, and many more.

One interesting example of NFT adoption is Starbucks, where NFT is used to distribute digital stamps to customers as well as to sell premium NFTs, all of which can generate revenue and provide a real customer experience.

If Web2 is measured by engagement, then Web3 is measured by brand obsession,” he elaborated.

Because in Starbucks’ case, it’s not Metaverse 3D like games like Decentraland or The Sandbox, but rather an NFT-powered program designed to engage users in both the digital and physical spaces.

There are also other use cases. that can be accessed as well, whether it is games, digital fashion that will be of great benefit in the future That is not only a scam or a speculation only. which he believes Creators and Creators Try to use these to bring out real value from users.

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