Instagram users can post NFTs from digital wallets

Yesterday, Meta updated its blog about enabling NFTs functionality. Approximately 2.9 billion users in over 100 countries can now share NFTs, the supported blockchains are Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow, or block chains. The chain that has the most NFTs in the world.

We are starting to allow people to post NFTs they own on both Facebook and Instagram. The built-in functionality allows people to connect their digital wallets once. on either app to share digital collectibles in both

Meta said.

Connecting NFT to apps seems new, but Meta is making it available to everyone’s mobile through their app. This will cause more people around the world to start adapting to the term ‘NFT’. Not only that, last May, Meta filed a patent and trademark to use the name Meta Pay as a crypto payment platform. It is unlikely that we will see crypto spending on Facebook at all in the countries that allow it.

Although this year Meta’s revenue has dropped for the first time, but Mark Zuckerberg still insists that he can do Metaverse. The latest also says that it’s better than Facebook because when doing Facebook, it’s like waking up to get punched in the stomach every time. day And if it does happen, there is a high chance that Meta will hold the largest share of this market in the world. Because more than 90% of VR glasses are now from Meta.

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