Nearly 100-year-old publishing house TIME has turned into a futuristic business like NFT.

TIME is another publisher that is active in the world of the future. In addition to accepting payments via crypto-currency up to $33, TIME is also launching an NFT collection TIMEPieces in September 2021 with the goal of bringing together works from over 40 world-class artists. people from different walks of life

Why did Time turn into an NFT business?

The reason TIME is trying to transition into the NFT world comes from the vision of TIME CEO Keith Gosman that NFT technology is still in its infancy and that in the future people will understand the value of NFT better.

His vision aligns with the TIMEPieces NFT price, which averages up to €36,000 compared to the average price for a regular subscription of around €878, which is clearly more than a handful of people. Really starting to value and understand NFT.

Had to wait for Steve Jobs to pick up his iPod and say we’d have 1000 songs in our wallets.

That’s why people stop thinking about technology and think about what experience is instead. in my opinion Wide adoption will come when technology becomes something that no one talks about. In the early days of NFT, technology led the conversation. But in the end, the word NFT should disappear from the dictionary. It should truly be behind the scenes. What every token should do is provide an online presence with experience, Keith Gosman discusses NFT technology.

However, the starting point for creating TIME’s experience may be in the world of Metaverse. Recently, TIME announced it is partnering with ethereum gaming platform The Sandbox to create a virtual space in the metaverse, dubbed TIME Square. It serves as a hub for brands to host virtual art and commerce events.

To date, TIMEPieces has launched four NFT collections, where owners are given the right to connect their digital wallet to the TIME website to access TIME content. unlimited In addition, you will receive special privileges to participate in both virtual and one-on-one events.

In response, since September, TIME has sold more than 20,000 TIMEPieces, with approximately 12,000 digital wallets owned and half connected to, generating more than $300 million in profit for TIME, which will be divided $21,000,000 for TIME. Do various charities as well.

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