Tencent ask future is combination of the real world and the digital world. Not metaverse

Tencent’s CEO believes that the future of the Internet is the convergence of the real world and the Internet world. It’s not a Metaverse, and it’s more business-related.

On Wednesday, the South China Morning Post reported on Tencent CEO Pony Ma’s vision for the upcoming Internet world that the next era would be something called ‘Immersive Convergence’. Metaverse that allows people to interact with each other through agents or avatars in the virtual world. that focuses on creating new technologies for businesses more.

“Immersive Convergence can help solve practical problems in real-world situations. This implies that companies should focus more on the commercialization of the technology in business.”

for example Technology that allows workers to remotely control vehicles and machines in potentially dangerous locations. or technology that helps collect real-world work data to improve the system.

However, the concept of Immersive Convergence is something Tencent has been promoting since 2020. It looks a lot like Microsoft trying to bring the virtual world to business. But the next-generation Internet that Tencent looks at is different. It focuses more on connecting the two worlds than solving existing problems. and less emphasis on how people adapt to new situations to live more in the virtual world.

Tencent is currently the most valuable internet company in China. And the next approach, according to the CEO, will not focus on the Metaverse, but rather on Cloud Computing, AI, and Extended Reality.

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