Teens Still Excited About iPhone and Apple Watch But Not Excited About VR

In a recent survey of more than 14,500 American teens in 47 states, most of them are still deeply excited about the iPhone, and the numbers are growing for the Apple Watch, with the percentage of people who own an iPhone reaching 87% and people who want to buy an iPhone 88%. As for the Apple Watch, the number of people holding it rose 1% to 31%, and the number of people who wanted to buy it rose from 2% last year to 16% this year.

87% and 88% of iPhones are both record highs, but in VR, the number of people used is down 17% from last year to just 14%. VR owner

Much of the research so far still believes that Gen Z is the one who will actually come into VR and play in the Metaverse. However, what exactly is a virtual world to them? The findings suggest that people use VR less and are far behind other technologies. On the other hand, it’s like early phones that were rarely used, and Meta considers virtual reality technology a huge investment. If they research until people can adapt it. Others will not be able to compete with both financial and time factors.

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