Samsung TV will become gateways for displaying NFTs

Samsung has partnered with Nifty Gateway, the NFT auction site, to become part of the Samsung Smart Hub, a gateway for displaying NFTs.

Samsung fulfilled its promise at CES 2022 to bring NFT to TV screens, announcing a partnership with NFT auction site Nifty Gateway. NFT on the company’s 2022 premium TV products such as QLED and Neo QLED TVs.” Additionally, Nifty Gateway states that apps will be available on Samsung’s The Frame and Micro LED TVs.

NFT Market on TV

Basically You’ll be able to display NFTs on your Samsung TV and possibly even buy or sell, according to Decrypt, although it’s worth noting that Nifty Gateway is significantly more stringent on who can sell artwork on its platform. Better than OpenSea, the NFT marketplace that most people are familiar with.

In the stream, Samsung reiterated that

“TVs will be optimized for NFT performances based on the artist’s intentions as much as possible.”

Samsung NFT Market
Samsung NFT Market

Nifty Gateway will be integrated as part of the Samsung Smart Hub, and it looks like Samsung intends for you to showcase the NFT as a piece of art that can be displayed as a home decoration.

Let’s say you were watching The Social Network, but decided to turn it off because you were uncomfortable seeing Mark Zuckerberg mean to Winklevoss twins Tyler and Tyler. Cameron Your TV will then go into ambient mode and display artwork from your curated gallery. You can top up NFT from Nifty Gateway, a platform owned by the Winklevoss twins.

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