Russians burn passports to create NFT help Ukraine

Russian NFT Artist Travels to Consulate General before burning passports to build NFTs to raise money to help children in Ukraine

Russian NFT Artist burn passports
Russian NFT Artist burn passports

Olive Allen, a Russian artist who lived in the United States for more than 10 years, is disappointed by the Russian government’s decision to invade Ukraine. Knowing that a part of her has always remained Russian, she decided to cut ties. before crushing on ideas that will raise awareness And help raise funds to help Ukraine from the conflict that arises. with the decision to burn the passport to create a new NFT

An important impulse to burn passports to create NFTs.

Allen has been involved in the crypto industry since the beginning of 2018 after the Bitcoin (BTC) market spiked in December 2017, before becoming one of the top artists. Created a piece of digital art last year. Most recently, she made a big resolution to burn her passport to create an NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, motivated by her inability to see herself return to her home country under the current leadership. So chose to come out and push all the Russian people to support the military in Ukraine instead. She also stated that some Russians have been brainwashed to the extent that they are unable to influence change.

Donations will be sent to Save the Children.

Allen’s artwork will go up for auction on SuperRare on Friday, March 4. She will donate the proceeds from the video distribution directly to Save the Children in form. of Ether (ETH), which the organization aims to save children around the world from issues such as human trafficking, premature marriage, education and escape from violence, among others.

Save the Children
Save the Children

Allen has also said she intends to give the money to humanitarian organizations rather than to help the military. Save the Children is now accepting donations of crypto and ether through the non-profit fundraising platform Giving Block to help more than 7.5 million children trapped in the area. fighting in Ukraine

Is passport burning serious?

However, the artist also stated that her actions could result in her being deported to testify against her comments made to the government. Usually Burning a passport does not cost a person any citizenship. According to the Federal Law enacted in 2002, any person residing abroad can revoke his or her Russian citizenship freely of their own free will. Unless the person is sued in Russia, is not a citizen or is in debt. which will assume that the person is obligated to the Russian Federation itself.

For this reason, if Allen wants to do everything legally. She is required to present a complete passport to the Russian Consulate. and fill out documents to legally revoke citizenship with the government Even though she wanted to go back in time to get everything right. But what happened has led her to become a blacklist on the list of people who can no longer travel within the territory of Russia. And she thinks her decision scares her enough not to return to her homeland.

The Role of Crypto After Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Cryptocurrency has emerged as a key factor during discussions about funding donations to Ukraine. On the other hand, Russia is at risk of sanctions from the United States. and the European Union by one of the users on Twitter in Ukraine And the Minister for Digital has posted an address accepting crypto donations of BTC, ETH, Tether (USDT), Polkadot (DOT), and Dogecoin (DOGE) by EU lawmakers. It has pushed for a clearer crypto policy in response to concerns that Russia may be open to adopting digital assets to evade sanctions.

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