Crypto And NFT Will Grow More – Amazon CEO

Amazon CEO Takes an Interesting Look at Crypto and NFT Trends

Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce company. Speaking about cryptocurrencies and NFT, he said: Cryptocurrency with NFT continues to grow significantly. In an interview with CNBC about his views on cryptocurrencies and NFTs, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy replaced previous chairman and CEO Jeff Bezos. this page.

Amazon NFT

Amazon CEO Looks at Crypto and NFT

He acknowledged that Amazon may accept cryptocurrency payments for purchases, but that the company may not yet open cryptocurrency payments. Renzi for small businesses at this time. But he admits that cryptocurrencies will become more influential.

Amazon looking for NFT & Crypto

However, when he was asked What kind of cryptocurrencies does he own? He revealed that He does not have any cryptocurrencies of his own. And when asked about the possibility of Amazon launching an NFT market, he replied that it was highly probable. At the same time he revealed that He does not have any NFT-related medals or contributions, but he admits as though NFT has seen significant growth.

Announcement to recruit digital asset specialists

Today, e-commerce giant Amazon employs several cryptocurrency experts to work for the company. Recently, Amazon has posted job postings for digital asset specialists. with the goal of driving more of the global digital asset community.

Additionally, Amazon continues to post job postings related to blockchain experts. Including the team that will design the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments in the future

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