Muse become first act to top UK charts with NFT album

Muse made history by becoming the first band to have an NFT album top the UK charts.

Will of People, an album from British rock band Muse. It was released last week and sold 51,500 albums, more than the 1-9 combined. The release includes CD, tape, digital, and more, including NFT format.

As for the NFT format, only 1,000 albums will be released and sold separately on Buyers don’t even need a digital wallet to access the website. For regular payments, you can get an NFT album, which will be stored in your digital wallet on the web. and can be transferred to other bags later.

However, Will of People isn’t the first album to hit the UK charts with an album with NFT a week before its release, Close to Home, which peaked at No. 2 last week, and also had an NFT release there.

As reported by The Guardian last month, NFT albums are eligible to be included on the charts for a few months, but must only be sold by a retailer that returns the chart, in this case Will of People. It was sold on the Serenade platform, and the Close to Home album was sold on the popular LimeWire platform.

As many people expected, NFT entered the NFT industry. Although a bit late, Snoop Dogg and Eminem recently brought a song featuring Bored Ape as the main character to the MTV awards show, and EDM artist R3HAB released an NFT that allows fans to earn 0.02% of the revenue. also from the stream NFT’s albums are now included in the charts. It’s great to help drive music sales and reach a new generation of fans.

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