Metaverse Market Will Reach $8-13 Trillion by 2030

Metaverse Market Will Reach $8-13 Trillion by 2030 and More Than 5 Billion Users In Future Economy and Community Not just on some games like The Sandbox or Decentraland, but also on Metaverse around the world from people all over the world.

Metaverse And Money

In the latest edition of Metaverse And Money, the term “MetaFi” is discussed. centralized finance and decentralized finance Based on the news and studies Just saw its first use at the beginning of March. Considered to be a new term ever.

What is MetaFi?

A wide range of financial services to support Metaverse activities.

Metaverse Finance (MetaFi) combines decentralized finance (DeFi), centralized finance (CeFi) and traditional finance (TradFi), with new products specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the new ecosystem. From creating start-up capital to supporting internal trade in Metaverse, financial services will play a key role in this evolution.

5 Finance in Metaverse

When talking about Metaverse with friends, we will think of games, VR/AR, and when talking about various business sectors, they tend to talk about new business models. creating new experiences But this context in finance is something that many people overlook. Most of which will be discussed when making Tokenomics or creating a coin ecosystem.

Game coins

In-game coins, which are the key to Tokenomics and in-game community. may be obtained from various activities win in game or selling items in the game.



Stablecoins come in to solve the problem of coin volatility. Which is now accepted as a more paying intermediary, such as sometimes promoting a post on the page. Customers will transfer to stablecoin because the price is stable and does not fluctuate. In terms of Metaverse, of course, it can be an intermediary for trading things. But what will be supported in that virtual world?

Examples: USDT, USDC, BUSD

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDCs)

The use of CBDCs has not seen much. Well, try it out. But I can tell that It is in consideration for the adoption of central banks around the world! Its advantage is that it used to be controlled by the central bank because what it traded, the central bank knew the quantity. But there are debates about whether or not it will be decentralized. You have to look at how each country applies it.

Examples: e-CNY, e-Naira, Sand Dollar

Fiat money

Fiat is the money we use today, the baht, the dollar, the euro, or any other currency set by the government. It is considered a traditional financial system. It can be seen that some places allow the use of baht or dollars to buy NFTs.

Example: THB, USD, EUR

Current Use Cases

In fact, the Metaverse is deployed in many ways. And the deployment is still vague as to whether it’s a Metaverse deployment or a coin deployment. Or the deployment of NFTs? However, let’s take a look at the Use Cases reported.

Open Metaverse will be powered by DAOs.

DAOs go mainstream in 2021. Their main feature is collaborative operations. Each member is verified in a smart contract code. which will be a decentralized vote It’s not a traditional hierarchical structure.

An interesting question in the report is, “Will DAOs be good enough to compete with centralized service providers?” The AAVE CEO said it depends on how it works. and commented that it has advantages in controlling the infrastructure with more bases than any other company But when it comes to creating something that is really good, it may not be as effective.

In addition to the benefits of decentralization This may include Share Economy as well, it will be more complicated than usual, for example. Good smart contracts, fundraising, blockchain-based deployments. There is a good governance system, etc. These are the steps that DAOs face and can become a weakness if done poorly.

Update Thai Laws on Metaverse Preliminary

Laws have already begun to regulate the issuance of coins and the issuance of initial NFTs. The polish from the end of last year didn’t have much. Recently, Add talked to people at the Crypto Moon Party, most of them connected about NFTs that can no longer raise funds. and more intense coin issuance laws. including advertising but when compared to China and India that has already wiped out crypto Considered that our country has taken control, but not blocked at all.

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