Ethereum’s Merge upgrade takes place on September 19.

The main event that Ethereum fans have been waiting for for years may be approaching during Thursday’s conference call. Leading developers of Ethereum have offered a preliminary date for the Merge upgrade, the blockchain algorithm’s transition to the “Merge.” Proof-of-Stake (PoS)

Ethereum is working to convert to PoS on September 19.

According to the developers of the Ethereum Foundation, the Merge upgrade may take another two months.

At a conference on Thursday, Ethereum’s main developer, Tim Beiko, revealed that the network’s migration to PoS is roughly scheduled for September 19. Other key developers did not object to estimates of the upgrade date, however. at

“The Merge timeline isn’t over yet but it’s really exciting to see it all come together.” Superphiz.eth Community health consultant Ethereum Beacon Chain later tweeted. “Please consider this is just a planned timeline and be wary of official announcements!”

The merge of Ethereum is a much anticipated upgrade that will fuse the current consensus layer with the Beacon Chain, which was launched in December 2020.

The merge is expected to shift Ethereum from Proof-of-Work. that uses a lot of energy to be Proof-of-Stake This will reduce ETH emissions by approximately 90%. This will make the network 99% greener.

Ethereum Performs Latest Shadow Fork Ahead of the Merge Upgrade.

The Ethereum network is undergoing a series of test forks in preparation for the Merge. Last week, Ethereum’s Sepolia testnet completed its merge. Superphiz.eth Wrote in a tweet on Aug. 11 for the final run on the Goerli testnet.

After yesterday’s 9th Shadow Fork deployment without any significant bugs. The trend for the Merge on the main network in September is now more positive.

With the network transition from PoW to PoS being delayed several times over the years, the pressure has been on the rise, Ethereum developers will be keen to make sure that the upgrading of the PoW network has been delayed several times over the years. The most important date of the network so far has to be used flawlessly.

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