Doodles NFT collection with 266 million USD trading volume

Doodles NFT collection with a trading volume of 8 billion baht or 266 million USD now

About Doodles NFT

There are 10,000 Doodles in the collection. There will be humans, cats, monkeys, flames, skeletons, aliens and many more, which will randomly take different shapes. as well as having different rarity levels of traits

This collection It was created by Burnt Poopie, an illustrator who has worked with companies like Google, SnapChat, WhatsApp.

He has teamed up with branding specialists Jordan Castro and Evan Keast, who previously worked on well-known NFT projects, CryptoKitties.

Doodles NFT collection
Doodles NFT collection

The Doodles project started with creating a community on Discord, then inviting collectors in and getting them involved with the project. Whether it’s determining the future direction of the project or getting a share of the project’s revenue.

At the beginning of the Mint event, Doodles were priced at only 0.123 ETH mint per piece, compared to the current price. Growing up to almost 100 the same. Because at the moment, the floor price per piece of Doodles is 12 ETH or around 1.1 million baht, and the trading volume is over 8 billion baht.

Doodles have also been brought in by famous people, including well-known collector Steve Aoki and famous rapper Snoop Dogg.

Income from opening for Mint Doodles, including income from resell. will be kept in the community to support the Doodles brand in various directions in the future

New collection update

Recently, the project has launched an animated NFT collection called “Space Doodles” collection. You can view the collection at Opensea at

Doodles community

Followers on various Doodles platforms
Twitter : 242,800 people
Discord: 43,704 people
Instagram : 42,300 people

To learn more information at

Website :
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Discord :
Instagram :

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