Disney to build a metaverse on Disney+ platform

The latest interview between the CEO of Disney and the famous US media Deadline. It has been revealed that the details of the Metaverse adaptation to the Disney Kingdom, of course, it is a perfect fit because going to Disney is like being in another world.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek said that Metaverse will be included in Disney+. This will enable 90% of the world’s people who don’t have the opportunity to enter Disney’s theme parks to have a virtual experience.

“Here we don’t call it the Metaverse, we call it next-generation storytelling,” said Bob Chapek.

This movement, the fans gave an interesting comment that If you want more people to get in, lower the price. According to Dailymail, the price of Disney tickets has gone up and up.

Chapek elaborated on how the Metaverse will help fans get more access to the park because he has to admit. It cannot be made possible for everyone. and putting it on Disney+ because it wants to change from movie service platform Instead, it’s an experience platform.

The timing of this Metaverse release is uncertain. However, next year marks Disney’s 100th anniversary and in the interview itself said it will announce a new approach to the brand. In a few months it will be next year, so many media expect to see the virtual world from Disney soon for sure.

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