Damien Hirst has burned 1000 of his artworks to convert them to NFT

British artist Damien Hirst burned 1,000 of his artworks on Tuesday and went live on Instagram as well. The clip has more than 18,692 likes as each piece costs nearly $10,000 and thousands more are set to be burned.

The burnt work is part of the “The Currency” project, consisting of a collection of 10,000 NFTs, featuring unique multicolored dots coated on handmade paper, priced at $2,000 each. That Hirst normally sells is considered very cheap.

“A lot of people think I’m burning millions of dollars in art, but I’m not. I’m turning these tangible artworks into NFTs by burning real versions,” Hirst said.

When buying The Currency, the buyer can choose whether to buy the real or NFT. If buying the real NFT is destroyed, but if buying NFT the real image is burned. After they were sold out, 5,149 were picked for visuals and 4,851 were collected as NFTs.

However, there are also negative comments on this creative project. Some people think that this is done for money. Some people are confused about how to burn it and add value. Some people see it as a really good strategy for adding Carbon Footprint.

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