China continues to crack piracy on the NFT market

Chinese government officials have begun to focus on the destruction of piracy on the NFT market after more and more people started using NFT channels.

Breaking NFT Market Piracy

The eradication of piracy on the NFT market is part of the Communist Party of China’s government’s campaign against online piracy, and many agencies have participated in the fight against piracy. more

NFT Marketplace

Recently, the National Copyright Authority of China launched a campaign against online piracy and theft of copyrighted works on the Internet. In collaboration with the Minister of Industry and Information Technology, the Minister of Public Security, and the People’s Republic of Internet Information Agency.

NFT growth concerns

The agency has published a report stating that The agency’s primary goal is to enhance the way its works can be copyrighted online. It has also continued to investigate cases of online merchandising and piracy through short video advertising, live broadcasts and online commerce platforms. or content that is expected to infringe copyright.

the important thing is The National Copyright Authority of China has raised concerns about the growth of the NFT market, where there is a high probability that pirated works will be distributed in that market. Therefore, it is imperative that the agency has begun to focus on eliminating copyright infringement on the NFT market, whether it is a form of art, music, animation, games, movies that are secretly hidden. to sell on the market It is expected that the agency will begin to impose heavy penalties if anyone continues to infringe this copyright.

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