Apple will allow in-app sales of NFT, but will charge a 30% commission fee.

Apple today announced that it has officially increased the adoption of NFT-based apps to be available on the Apple Store. But those who sell the app will be charged a commission equal to 30% of the sale price with every purchase, which NFT developers disagree with on unreasonable and unrealistic sales criteria. can

The announcement was first revealed by Aidan Ryan of The Information, with Apple announcing the startup that: Applications with NFT trading are allowed to be sold on the Apple App Store, but all NFT purchases must be made through an in-app payment. A commission of 30% of the sales price is required to be paid to Apple, although the company does not contribute to any facilitation of any purchases.

FOSS Patents, a technology patent blogger, said the commissions developers need to pay to Apple often exceed 30%, as the company claims. The commissions that app developers are required to pay can be as high as 35% of the selling price. “Which new sectors of the economy are not available through the App Store?”

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney made the comments on Twitter on Friday. It describes the App Store system as a surprisingly high-priced application-based transaction service.

Apple allow sale NFT

Mr Tim Sweeney has had a lot of controversy over App Store commissions, such as in the case of Fortnite, which was removed from the App Store after Epic Games avoided paying commissions. And there is a conflict with the commission price that does not benefit the application developer. As a result, the application industry received little benefit.

Tim Sweeney takes a neutral stance on the NFT system, although Epic Games is the first company to show its way to be an innovator in application development, regardless of whether or not it is related to the NFT.

There have also been criticisms of Apple’s stance of benefiting competitors from the crypto market, such as the in-development Solana mobile project.

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