An NFT Collector Just Sold $1 Million Etherrock For “Under” $0.1

Ethereum rock collector Dino Dealer has announced that he is selling his own Etherrock for 444 wei instead of 444 ETH or $1 million, of which 444 wei is less than 1 cent and not enough to pay. fee too

Dino “Etherrock collector” says he “clicked” net worth to around $1 million in less than a second. As soon as the order came on the market, the NFT bot had successfully “sold” his Etherrock.

Traders and collectors often set up bots to track NFT marketplaces like OpenSea or LooksRare for unusually low-cost NFTs due to technical issues or mistakes like Dino accidentally made.

Despite losing $1 million in less than a second, Dino didn’t give up and tweeted that he would request a refund and text the bot owner explaining the mistake of this sale.

Ether Rock NFTs
Ether Rock NFTs

Before long, his Etherscan page was filled with ways to “refund” their contacts. “Refund Company” via email address or phone number. But it’s clear that they’re just scammers.

It is possible for the bot owner to see Dino’s messages or tweets and refund him. But it is also possible that this Etherrock collector will lose both capital and NFT that has just been sold.

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