Activity Animalverse Dancing Underwater NFT Contest 1st time

The activity of the 1st ADU NFT Contest was held from June 20 to July 15.
The project appreciates and thanks all artists and Fanarts who came to join the fun activity together. It was an excellent response. With a total of nearly 100 active participants and each work is considered very beautiful. This event will find the winner from the Artist with the most likes in the ADU Web3 community.
The prize will be in ETH with a total prize value of .16 Ethereum.
We have a look at the work of number 1 together.

294030736 161258099782542 1746167549809573697 n

First 1st

294060113 161258983115787 8706994305274293365 n

2nd place

294857726 161258963115789 3116214171605851042 n

3rd place

294622644 161259003115785 2454364334117099479 n

Special prize

294616473 161258923115793 8939166865994383299 n
294564810 161258883115797 4265208392471290143 n
294805670 161258893115796 3345837597923810661 n

But there are works by some one that, although there are got few likes, but the beautiful work provokes the heart. We have to keep this work.

FotoJet 13

It was a long and fun race.
The ADU Project would like to thank you all very much for this kind of fun. See you again in the next activities.


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gif 1

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